Pub Stop

Pub Stop is a cocktail bar located in Santander, and decorated in the purest English style, where you can enjoy a wide variety of drinks as well as innovative cocktails. At the same time, accompanies piped music of pop or rock songs.

Address: Castelar street 13, Santander
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday 12.00 a 22.00 h.

BNS Good Night

This is another of the cocktail bars in Santander that you have to visit. It is a nightclub located on the city beach, and where you can enjoy fun nights in an idyllic setting. A quiet cocktail bar with innovative cocktails.

Address: Queen Victoria Avenue, 46
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 12.00 a 2.30 h.
Phone: 942 29 09 19

Rock Beer The New

It is a Santander venue that is linked to the cultural and artistic diffusion of the city. It is a space in which music bands of all styles regularly perform, although rock or heavy metal music predominates..

Address: Calle Peñas Redondas, 15
Schedule: check schedules and performances by phone *
Phone: 608 28 70 67

Bogart Santander

It is a cocktail bar that is located in the Cañadio square, one of the most frequented meeting points during the night in the city. It is a place where you can listen to good music, adapting to the tastes and preferences of all clients. It also has an outdoor terrace.

Address: Cañadío Square, Santander
Schedule: Monday to Sunday 20.00 a 3.00 h.
Phone: 942 10 15 25

Pub Sherezade

Good place to have drinks, located in San Vicente de la Barquera, with a perfect terrace for summer and armchairs inside.

Address: market street 7

Schedule: Monday to Sunday 19.00 a 3.00 h.

Phone: 606 10 45 43

Symphony Cafe Bar

The Café Bar Sinfonía is a classic in Torrelavega, for its privileged location and its mythical direct. It has recently been renovated and is presented with modern facilities.

Address: Saro passage 1, Torrelavega

Schedule: Friday through Sunday 20.00 a 3.00 h.

The scaffold

This bar is located in the town of Laredo, and in it always sound classic rock now and forever, the Beatles, The Rolling Stones o Guns and Roses. It is a small bar but with different spaces.

Address: Ruamayor Street, 4 Laredo

Schedule: Monday to Sunday 19.00 a 4.00 h.

Café Oyambre Beach

This recently renovated beach bar is located in the town of Oyambre, and offers a spectacular atmosphere with innovative and classic tapas, while you can enjoy good music, cocktails and djs.

Address: Oyambre beach
Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10.00 a 22.00 h, Friday and Saturday: 10.00 a 00.00 h and sunday of 10.00 a 22.00 h.
Phone: 942 72 26 16


Kudetá Room

Music until dawn, theme parties and VIP areas in a large disco decorated with Buddha figures.

Address: Calle Ataulfo ​​Argenta Músico, 45 Santander
Schedule: Thursday to Sunday from 00.00 a 6.00 h.

Rocambole Room

Good atmosphere and current music, ideal to enjoy a few good drinks with friends.

Address: Hernán Cortés Street, 35

Lullaby Pub

It is a beautiful pub located in Santillana del Mar, perfect to enjoy a good atmosphere, cups, friends and cocktails of different kinds.

Address: Calle de Bertrand Clisson, 1, Santillana del Mar

Schedule: Monday to Saturday 20.00 a 3.30 h.




Evecan Safari Aventura

Horse riding and dromedary routes for the whole family, located in the town of Arnuero. An adventure in which you can enjoy the nature of Cantabria through forests and trails.

Address: Irrigation neighborhood, Arnuero
Schedule: check tickets and schedules by phone *
Phone: 659 06 29 66

Territorio Canopy

In the Canopy territory you can slide between the branches of the trees, since it has two kilometers of cable, back reminds, a bridge and 16 platforms to have fun.

Address: Captain Palacios Square, 6
Schedule: schedules and tickets by phone *
Phone: 647 08 28 07

Santillana Zoo

It is a zoo and quartery park located in Santillana del Mar. The Zoo has a surface of 60.000 m² free of architectural barriers and is completely private, has a history of 42 years in which it has been growing, and acquiring significant conservation prestige. Having been classified by ADENA / WWF as one of the four best zoos in Spain.

Address: Santillana del Mar
Schedule: schedules and tickets in
Phone: 942 818 125