Langre Beach

Langre beach is a sandy area near the town of Langre, in the municipality of Ribamontán al Mar. It has a length of around a kilometer at high tide and is closed by a cliff of 25 meters high next to a flat coastline.

Address: Langre Beach

Somo Beach

Beach located on the Trasmiera coast, next to the town from which it receives the name, forming together with the beaches of El Puntal and Loredo, an extensive sandy area of ​​about 4 kilometers long. It receives a strong wave when facing the open sea.

Address: Somo Beach

Arnía Beach

Arnía beach is located in the municipality of Piélagos and is located in a rocky environment, with rocks over 90 million years and exceptional views.

Address: Arnía Beach

Valdearenas beach

is a beach located in the town of Liencres, in Piélagos. It is one of the two beaches that are located next to the Natural Park of the Dunes of Liencres, and is recognized for its large dimensions.

Address: Valdearenas beach

Playa de Berria

Berria beach is located in the municipality of Santoña. It is a beach that is located on the isthmus that unites the peninsula that forms Mount Buciero with the municipality of Argoños. Their 2200 meters in length develop between Mount Brusco, to West, and the Buciero massif to the east

Address: Playa de Berria

El Sardinero Beach

El Sardinero is a neighborhood and at the same time a tourist enclave in the city of Santander known for its extensive beaches and for being one of the most exclusive in the city.

Address: El Sardinero Beach

Ris Beach

This beach also known as Playón de Ris, It is located in the municipality of Noja. It communicates at its eastern end with Noja beach and at its western end with the Joyel estuary and the town of Isla.

Address: Ris Beach

Meron Beach

El Sable de Merón or Playa de Merón is a beach located in the municipality of San Vicente de la Barquera, and has an approximate length of 3.500 meters.

Address: Meron Beach

Mataleñas beach

Mataleñas beach is located in Cueto, in the municipality of Santander. Located next to Cabo Menor, it is accessed through the avenue that gives access to the Cabo Mayor lighthouse. It occupies a cove sheltered by high cliffs and bordered by low tide.

Address: Mataleñas beach

El Puntal Beach

El Puntal beach is an extensive beach and sand bar that closes the entrance to the Bay of Santander on its south side.. It is located in the town of Somo, belonging to the municipality of Ribamontán al Mar.

Address: El Puntal Beach

Tregardin Beach

Golden sand beach of 5,9 km, with tide pools, crystal clear waters and nearby restaurants.

Address: Tregardin Beach

Oyambre beach

Oyambre beach is located in the municipality of Valdáliga, within the Oyambre Natural Park, and has a length of almost 2000 meters.

Address: Oyambre beach

Sable Beach

El Sable beach, Also known as Quejo beach, it is located in the municipality of Arnuero and is awarded with the Blue Flag. The Arnuero city council dedicated 1995 a plaque to Valentín San Sebastian Argos who was a soccer player.

Address: Sable Beach

Camel Beach

Camello beach is a beach located in the municipality of Santander, with golden sand, and although it only takes up a few 200 meters long, it's quite cozy and quirky.

Address: Camel Beach